Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pros and Cons

Don't get me wrong, being a stay at home dad is a pretty nice deal.  I get to play with toys all day with Korra. We can watch whatever I want to on the tv. We can go on walks and get errands done and she can play me sweet music on her little crocodile xylophone like she's doing right now.

She desires our tablet very much. As soon as I take the tablet out to play a game or check email, she'll run over and slam her hands onto the screen or try to take the tablet out of my hands.

On the flip side, my resume suffers deeply. Since college, all I have are jobs at an ice cream shop, coffee shop, internships and a year at a radio station. Now, I'm also adding a year of nothing. It seems that companies don't care if you spend time at home with your child, since it doesn't give them much to base a decision on, only that there is no job listed there.

I have ideas of things to write when Korra and I go for a walk, but by the time we are back home and I sit in front of the computer to write anything, Korra reminds me that she would much rather have all of my attention than the computer get any.

I also spend this time contemplating what kind of job I would actually like when/if I can ever get back into the work force and the sucky thing is that I have no idea. There are days that I'd like to try to teach. There is a bunch where I would love to open up a comic/board game shop... and then I think about how little I know about running a business like that. There are other days where I just can't see doing anything because it would require being around people again, and people annoy me.

Something will come out of all of this. Hopefully someone will want to hire me one day. Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to try and enjoy my time at home with a baby who is starting to get into everything.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Podcasting and the way things are

For those few people who read this blog but aren't on the Twitter bandwagon, you may not know that a couple of friends and I started up a new podcast about religion and the many questions we have therein. If you have a little time, head on over to our website and poke around for a bit, maybe even download a show or two.

Aside from this new podcasting venture, most of my life has been spent in classes or working on homework (read: playing games). I've got some ideas for updating the blog but I keep getting sidetracked too easily. Perhaps one day I'll finally write down all these ideas I've got.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I know it has been forever, but that's not the point right now. Some friends and I compiled a few videos wherein we asked different people some questions about the Christian faith just to see what everyone would say. Here is what we got.

What other questions would you ask? How would you answer those questions?

Monday, June 01, 2009

Working on it

Sorry it has been so long. I've been annoyed by the structure I created for myself and although I'm planning on continuing to update often throughout the summer and such, I don't know whether mondays will remain exclusively for movies and so on.

Plus, it will give me the opportunity to not rush books and to do more than one movie a week (within the past 10 days, I've seen Star Trek - for the third time, Angels and Demons, Terminator: Salvation, and Up!)

Anyway, that's what's going on right now. As work wraps up here in two weeks, I'll get some more time to write. Sorry for being so sloppy lately with my timing, hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Movie Monday: The Devil's Backbone

Sorry it's getting late, so I'll make this short.

Pan's Labyrinth encouraged me to go check out The Devil's Backbone.

Very good movie. Pretty creepy, but still really great.

Watch it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gaming Thursday: Civ Rev

I don't play many strategy games, so when Civilization Revolution was suggested to me, I was pretty hesitant getting started.

It's definitely a game with a learning curve. You can easily pick it up and play through an entire game just by making random decisions (that's what I did), but what makes it so good is the amount of decisions available to you.

I began playing with a focus on winning the game through domination (conquering the other civilizations), but on subsequent plays, I've enjoyed working on a peaceful solution. Both paths are difficult in their own way. Maintaining peace with other civilizations that would prefer to attack you becomes more and more difficult as the game goes on because peace doesn't come cheap from the warmongers.

What makes the game so addicting to me is that every time I've played it, there has been a totally different outcome, no matter how similarly I've been playing my civilization the others do their absolute best to make me think differently. Plus, there is something to be said about a game where I can be beaten soundly and yet still come back to play the next day.

I guess the best recommendation I have for playing Civ Rev comes in the fact that I bought the 360 version, and wound up buying the DS version less than a week later, just so that I could play it more.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Movie Monday (Tuesday): Star Trek

I'm not much of a Star Trek fan, I've seen some of the older movies here and there throughout my life, but I never really sought out the story and I much preferred the galaxy far far away in the past over these stories of the future.
However, when Simon Pegg was cast as Scotty and J.J. Abrams was set to direct the reboot of the franchise, I decided to set aside my differences and go for it.
Turns out this was a good choice because it seems that Abrams would rather Star Trek be Star Wars too, and made this new movie as such. For those who doubt, go see it and you'll know what I'm talking about as soon as Kirk gets booted to Hoth.
Outside of all my baggage, it turned out to be a really fun movie. There was plenty of good one-liners and some fun action, although I do think that they could have slowed the movie down at a couple of points to give it some real time to delve into the characters. Not that they didn't do well enough establishing everyone in their positions on the U.S.S. Enterprise, but the movie was spent going at breakneck speed from one point to the next so that even at a two hour running time, I felt like I could have used more from the characters.
Overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot and it even got me interested in watching the old series (and subsequent movies), but I don't really know how long this interest will last considering it also made me really want to watch the Star Wars trilogy.